“Cleaning is not just a matter of using detergents."

Much of the work is done upstream, when choices are made regarding finishing materials, washbasins, taps and sanitary ware; even when deciding between one type of furniture and another. SOEMA designs and manufactures solutions for high-traffic healthcare environments and changing rooms and is committed to a sustainable use of water resources. Through the design of the no-touch taps, furnishings and bathroom fixtures, it contributes to greater hygiene in the bathroom.
Easy maintenance begins with the choice of upholstery materials (the more they are washable and free of joints, the easier they are to be cleaned) and sanitary ware: minimized edges and joints prevent the deposition of dust and bacteria. To clean our products, which are made from a single block of material, often only a quick wipe with a disinfectant solution is sufficient, as dirt cannot easily enter. This not only saves time, but limits the use of detergents to what is strictly necessary, while also preserving the environment. HPL, ceramic or porcelain stoneware, glass, steel and acrylic based solid surface or Corian®, chrome or steel of the taps are resistant and easy to clean materials; by opting for solutions with as few joints, grooves or edges as possible, the possibility of dirt settling and nesting on surfaces is greatly reduced.
Viruses can survive for hours on surfaces, ready to be “picked up" by unwary hands and transported to the mouth, nose and eyes, thus entering our body. Door handles, switches, floors, glass, bathroom or kitchen surfaces become infected, especially when we are in highly frequented environments.
With its thirty years of experience, Soema creates real high-traffic areas to test the new hygienic needs that have arisen at this time.

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