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Care of HPL surface

How to take care of HPL surfaces?

HPL (High Pressured Laminate) is a material that offers excellent qualities, both functional and aesthetic and is the most qualitatively reliable material for building changing rooms, shower and toilet cubicles, cabinets, lockers, benches, doors and partition walls in such as public environments as health spas, gyms, swimming pools, hotels, schools and kindergartens, factories and hospitals.

Traditional walls can easily be completely replaced with partitions in HPL, which optimize space while minimizing maintenance.

The core is made up of layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with phenolic resins; the surface by one or more layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins, providing the decorative function.

The manufacturing process involves the combined application of heat (150 °C) and high pressure (9 MPa) in multi-daylight presses in which resin polycondensation takes place.

  • Rags, sponges, paper towels and all cleaning utensils, must always be clean and non abrasive.

  • Avoid allowing dirt and stains to age on the surface of the laminate, as much as possible: prompt cleaning provides better results with less effort!

  • To avoid leaving marks, always remove the detergent, rinse and dry well. If using a detergent or a solvent you are not sure of, it is advisable to first test it on a small, difficult to see portion of the surface.

  • Do not use detergents that contain strong acids or bases, such as descales with formic acid and amidosulphonic acid, drain cleaner, hydrochloric acid, products used for cleaning silver, oven cleaner or bleaches.

  • When using organic solvents, wear protective gloves, air out the environment and comply with ordinary practices for safety and hygiene (request the safety data sheet for the solvent from the supplier).