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How to take care of STAINLESS STEEL surfaces?

How to take care of STAINLESS STEEL surfaces?

Stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials for interior furnishings. Modern, elegant and highly resistant, it is absolutely recommended for sanitary facilities of public areas, where it is important to ensure intensive, effective and safe use of washbasins, faucets, soap dispensers, hand driers.
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Thanks to its properties, stainless steel remains bright even after decades and is easy to clean and keep shiny.

The stains that form on steel are mainly due to two factors: handprints and drops of water

This is why proper routine cleaning is important.

Some safe and effective products are: soapy water, specific sprays, non-aggressive cream products.

However, there are also natural methods such as:

  •  Lemon, to degrease and dissolve limescale
  •  Vinegar, for sanitizing and polishing
  •  Denatured ethyl alcohol, to remove stains and obtain a shiny surface.

After cleaning, it is important to rinse, remove any residue and dry thoroughly.

Keeping steel clean is not complicated but some simple precautions are required.