Soema: who we are, what we do, how we work - Soema

Soema: who we are, what we do, how we work

We are an history started 35 years ago

We design and craft hygienic spaces, complex systems for highly-frequented areas and locker rooms.

Our history is a travel in continuous movement towards the innovation. This means starting a structured process that involves all sectors and people of a factory and creating an open ecosystem where everybody can collaborate in order to improve what’s there and make what is not yet there possible.

We are an history and a future that starts every day.

Handcrafted Technology

Handcrafted Technology describes the value we give the innovation: the human knowledge and technology’s complementarity’s result.

Only in this way it’s possible to encourage continuously a change to meet the needs of people who turn to us.

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We design solutions based on specific needs

The needs of people who turn to us are always the beginning of a new travel.
The right solution comes always by listening to, being available to put at the customers’ service the full knowledge of our employees and the high technological content of our production system.

Who chooses Soema has always the guarantee to have both of them.

From design to realization

We take our customers in all project’s phases by allowing them to cut costs and avoid waste of time thanks to a technical team able to customize the several solutions.
From design to realization, from realization to post-sales assistance, we want to be a reference point for our customers.

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