Sistemi igienici prefabbricati ispezionabili (SPIS)

SPIS: hygienic prefabricated inspectable systems by Soema

Soema crafts hygienic devices and systems for highly-frequented areas and locker rooms for 35 years.
The handcrafted competence, the best technology’s use and the ability of establishing long-lasting trust relationships with the customers helped us to become a reference factory in our sector.

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Soema is continuously close to its customers, from the design to the final realization, and its certificated competence shows its innovative commitment to improve products and processes day by day.

Our certifications are:

1. ISO9001:2015 for the design and production of electronic faucets, flushing cisterns for wc and urinals, showers, hand dryers, soap dispensers, equipment for people with disabilities, technologic prefabricated systems.
2. UL certification that certifies the products’ suitability for the standards about the fire risk, electric shock and mechanical hazard.
3. CSA certification that confirms the electric products’ suitability.
4. IMQ certification that certifies the quality of the system, business management and products.

The Soema products’ range is wide:

Electronic faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers;
Electronic integrated systems and washbasins;
Electronic stainless steel hand washings;
Sanitation systems and Sanasystem;
Electronic WC and urinals’ flushing cisterns with antistick function;
Electronic shower controls and obligatory passages;
Cubicles, cabins and dividers.

Furthermore, Soema creates sanitary prefabricated inspectional systems (SPIS) and modular prefabricated perimeter systems (MOPPS). The first ones are fully-equipped prefabricated solutions (hydraulic, electrical, exhaust and ventilation systems) while the last ones are thermoacoustic and self-supporting panels that allow to separate hygienic highly-frequented spaces from locker rooms avoiding building work.

In this detailed explanation we showed all product range by Soema, a factory that can count on a technical team specialized on the product’s quality and durability and on a sale team specialized on the relationship with customers.

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