I CEO Manfredini e Fava

CEOs Manfredini and Fava: «Soema is sacrifices, ambition and goals»

The factory as you’ve never known it. The first steps in the 70s, the actual name in 1985 to date: here the story by its founders.

All factories have a story. How and when did the Soema’s one start?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «In 1976 we started our first business experience that became Soema after 9 years. The first location was a shed in the industrial area of Castelfidardo, in the Marche region».

Enzo Fava: «We started the business on our own producing the first photocell-operated faucets and then we became Soema in 1985. While studying the brand, we created the little man’s image that became a kind of mascot later».

Do you remember your first day in the factory?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «No, sincerely».

Enzo Fava: «The first day no exactly but I remeber the first period when we started from scratch buying again the tools such as hammer, saw, work table, to do those simple things to start a business».

Which are the reasons that pushed you to set up an enterprise?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «The desire to work on something different giving vent to the creativity».

Enzo Fava: «The aptitude to develop an idea, assume risks making sacrifices».

The product: which were your first choices?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «At the beginning we produced particular goods addressed to a specific market. Then we changed direction: the purpose was no longer to be a factory that supplied goods based on a tender specification but one to demand a complete project until the turnkey delivery. We want to be a factory that always finds the ideal solution for the customer in short times – considering the short production chain thanks to the internal design and production of all products – and independently».

Enzo Fava: «We started by making photocell-operated products for bathrooms and locker rooms to then realize a similar but entirely turnkey project, equipped with design, certification, assembly and technical assistance».

On which values was the factory set up, rooted and raised?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «The desire to stand out and especially do what others don’t».

Enzo Fava: «The strength to always go forward».

Technology and craft: how did you manage to mix them?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «The products are various but there isn’t a mass production. The handmade work both in the products’ production and check allow us to have very few returns».

Enzo Fava: «These two terms are at the base of the Soema products, that are technologic but handmade because there is no industrial production».

What does innovation mean for you?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «Creating different products from those already existing in the market through all kinds of technologies, and then inventiveness, research and development».

Enzo Fava: «Starting from a unique idea of its kind to then realize a product».

If you look to Soema future, what do you see?

Giuseppe Manfredini: «Let’s see over the window! ».

Enzo Fava: «A constant development thanks to investments in people and new technologies».