Lavamani elettronici idonei per aree di preparazione e reparti operatori

Perfect electronic hand washings for the pre-op and operating rooms

Soema products’ range also includes electronic hand washings that comply with the Industrial Hygiene Division Guidelines for the pre-op and operating rooms.

Our electronic hand washings are composed by a single stainless-steel unit of basin and frontal paneling without sharp corners or edges, finished by “micro shot peening”, a treatment on the surface that improves the hygiene and sanitization. Furthermore, the smooth linear surface avoids dirt build-up.

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Every Soema product is designed and made to be easy to use and ensure the greatest hygiene even in those areas that require high sanitization standards. For this reason, the tilting unit allows a practical and efficient inspection and maintenance.

Design and functionality are the philosophy of every product by Soema that has become a reference point in the field of hygienic and highly-frequented spaces and locker rooms thanks to its technological innovation without forgetting its handcrafted knowledge.

Soema has an internal production department which satisfies every project and after-installation needs.

The possibility to customize a project is one of the factory’s strengths that proposes itself as unique reference able to offer their clients continuous support.

Within Soema products, you can also find:

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