Igiene nei bagni ad alta frequenza

Hygiene in highly-frequented commercial bathrooms

Attention to hygiene is decisive for the health and safety of people who use highly-frequented commercial bathrooms. Hygiene, safety and health clearly depend on the care and maintenance of spaces but also on their design and production.

Soema, for more than 30 years, has been designing and creating highly-frequented bathrooms, systems and locker rooms, always aiming at ensuring a pleasant user experience, resources saving and easy maintenance for a greater spaces’ healthiness.

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Soema puts at its customers’ disposal an internal team of professionals who support them in every project phase suggesting custom design solutions according to their specific needs.

Soema product range includes:

  1. Floorings and doors;
  2. Hygienic services and locker rooms for camp sites, sport centers and factories;
  3. Electronic hand washings;
  4. Electronic faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers;
  5. Electronic integrated systems and washbasins;
  6. Sanitation systems;
  7. Equipment for people with disabilities and mobility difficulties;
  8. Cubicles, cabins and dividing walls;
  9. Lockers and benches. 

For its projects Soema uses hygienic prefabricated inspectable systems (SPIS) and modular prefabricated perimeter systems (MOPPS).

These are innovative systems since they can be designed for any type of space and don’t require building work. Furthermore they can be assembled on site in a very short time ensuring:

  1. Maximum hygiene and safety;
  2. Easy maintenance and surface cleaning;
  3. Water saving.

Prefabricated solutions equipped with hydraulic, exhaust, electrical and ventilation systems outside the wall and consisting of self-standing sandwich panels that allow to separate the spaces in the locations.

The characterizing value of Soema solutions for hygienic spaces is the combination of technology and craft; the internal production department can count on the skill of professional collaborators able to find solutions for all the customer's design needs, both in design and in the after-sales phase.

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