Spogliatoi per ambienti sportivi: scegli Soema

Lockers rooms for sports environments: choose Soema

Sports environments, in recent years, have become more comfortable, technological and stylish.

People choose them no more only for their courses’ number and quality but also the furniture, lighting, cleaning of common areas have become relevant.

In short, what people expect from a training experience has changed, the focus is increasingly on the time spent inside the sports center, before and after training.

In a philosophy where sport means to take care of our own wellness, even the lockers rooms and toilets in a sports center can be object of comparison between other competitors.

A well-equipped common area for the needs of the users can therefore be a decisive selection parameter.

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Why turn to Soema for your sports center’s lockers rooms

Soema has been creating highly-frequented commercial bathrooms and locker rooms for more than 30 years, mixing technological innovation and craft competence. Soema products range is wide and includes sanitary prefabricated inspectional systems and modular prefabricated perimeter systems. These are full-equipped prefabricated solutions that can be customized according to the specific customer’s needs and assembled in a very short time directly on site avoiding masonry. From an aesthetic point of view, they adapt themselves to any type of style while from a safety and hygiene point of view, they ensure high quality by using easily-cleanable materials and quickly-serviced parts.

Furthermore, they guarantee the water and resources saving, such as soap and towels, thanks to the integrated electronic systems.

Shortly, time and cost saving and maximum pleasantness of the environment.

 All Soema products

Other products of Soema range:

  1. Floorings and doors;
  2. Bathrooms and lockers rooms for campsites;
  3. Electronic hand washings;
  4. Electronic faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers;
  5. Electronic integrated systems and washbasins;
  6. Sanitation systems;
  7. Equipment for people with disabilities and mobility difficulties;
  8. Cubicles, cabins and dividing walls;
  9. Lockers and benches.

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