Box, cabine e pareti divisorie per sistemi igienici ad alta frequentazione

Cubicles, stalls and dividing walls for highly-frequented hygienic spaces

Soema design and produce highly-frequented hygienic systems and locker rooms combining advanced technology and craft. They’re characterized by attention to design and the high quality of the components and are able, thanks to the different options, to adapt to any type of environment.

Relying on Soema to design and create a highly-frequented hygienic system, you’ll have:

  1. Time and money saving thanks to the direct relationship with the supplier-installer, a single reference contact from design phase to after-sales assistance;
  2. Highly-frequented hygienic systems customization based on the specific needs of the customer;
  3. A wide range of products that will allow you to make your hygienic space a safe place, easy to maintain, very pleasant for the end user.

Whatever the type of facility for which the hygienic space must be designed and created, a sports facility or a campsite or other, Soema will propose the best solution for your needs, the one capable of giving concrete value to the structure.

Soema products range includes:

Craft and technological innovation that characterize all Soema products allow us to offer functional solutions that will be able to enhance the hygienic space and/or the locker room for a very pleasant user experience.

Soema solutions are not only safe ensuring the maximum hygiene but are also very beautiful to look at.

In this article we show you Soema proposals for cubicles, stalls and dividing walls.

Shower stalls, cubicles and locker rooms

Imperial Gres: a new revolutionary application of Stoneware for the highest hygiene and cleaning.

Discover Imperial Gres

Imperial Glass: the color, glass, light in the floor-ceiling version and without visible hardware on the front. 

Discover Imperial Glass

Colour Grass Petra: A solution combining painted glass and external panel made of stoneware with marble or stone effect. 

Discover Colour Grass Petra

Color Glass F: glass panels painted with non-toxic water-based paints.

Discover Color Glass F

Arena: HPL panels with scratch-resistant finish, beveled edges and rounded corners.

Discover Arena

Opera: HPL floor-ceiling panels without visible hardware on the front.

Discover Opera

Galleria: HPL panels with wax scratch-resistant finish, beveled edges and rounded corners to simplify the cleaning.

Discover Galleria

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