Perchè scegliere gli spazi igienici ad alta frequentazione di Soema

3 good reasons to choose Soema highly-frequented hygienic spaces

Soema base its philosophy of design and creation on the union between technological innovation and craft, named “handcrafted technology”.

Soema highly-frequented hygienic systems and all other products in the range respond to this primary additional value, made possible thanks to the high specialization of the internal production department and the constant commitment to research and renovate for  a creation and use quality even better.

Why choose Soema prefabricated hygienic systems

In addition to the craft and technological innovation’s union, with its highly-frequented hygienic systems Soema ensure the following advantages: 

  1. Soema fully-equipped prefabricated solutions save time and money. The customer has Soema as single reference contact from the design phase to after-sales assistance. The hygienic prefabricated inspectable systems and the modular prefabricated perimeter systems don’t require masonry.

Furthermore, installing Soema prefabricated hygienic systems allows less intervention of skilled manpower, since the plants are already installed.

  1. Soema prefabricated hygienic solutions are customizable according to the specific needs of the customer and the attention to design makes them adaptable to all types of environments.
  2. Soema prefabricated hygienic systems have been designed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety, are easy to maintain and clean and allow you to control possible sources of infection.

In addition to the highly-frequented prefabricated hygienic systems, Soema have a wide products range that allows to enhance the spaces and make a difference in a hygienic space: 

If you have a project to carry out and are looking for a single reference contact, producer-supplier, able to support you also in the after-sales phase, contact us. Our technicians are at your disposal to suggest the best solution based on your needs.