Progettazione servizi igienici e spogliatoi aziendali
Progettazione servizi igienici e spogliatoi aziendali

Designing hygienic services and locker rooms for companies

For more than 30 years Soema has been designing and producing highly-frequented hygienic services and locker rooms for different uses such as sport centers, swimming pools, campsites, hotels and companies.

If you are the owner of a company that wants to build or renovate bathrooms or locker rooms for its employees, Soema can offer you all design phases (initial consultation, design, production and after-sales assistance).

The factory has developed two systems called SPIS, hygienic prefabricated inspectable systems, and MOPPS, modular prefabricated perimeter systems.   

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These are prefabricated self-standing or wall-supported solutions made in-house, equipped with hydraulic, exhaust, electrical and ventilation systems outside the wall to avoid masonry. This allows the customer to significantly save time and money and have a relationship with Soema as unique contact reference, supplier and producer.

The flexible prefabricated modular perimeter system allows to separate the highly-frequented hygienic spaces from the locker rooms area.

Soema prefabricated hygienic systems ensure the maximum hygiene, easy cleaning and maintenance; they adapt to every style and location. All projects, in fact, can be customized based on the specific needs of the customer.

In addition to the hygienic systems, Soema offers a wide products range that enhances the hygienic service from the aesthetic, user experience and water saving point of view:

If you have a company and want to build or renovate the hygienic services or locker rooms for your employees, Soema can support you in the project with its initial consultation, design, production and after-sales assistance. To better know our company and its wide range of solutions, contact us.