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Self-sufficent ventilation sistem
Innovative aspiration system
Performance: Fast Traffic Sanitary Areas & Changing Facilities.
Adoption: Only on the Soema SPIS Systems as CAVEDIO or
General characteristics: Heavy duty.
Designed for elimination of foul odours directly from the
interior of the toilet bowl.
Toilet bowl: specifically adapted by SOEMA.
Consisted: Specifically adopted ventilator and in-taking tubes.
General ventilation systems: Traditionally bathroom “in-take
systems” discharge stale air from the interior outwards through
the normal ventilation network of the room, after foul odours
have spread.
General Ventilation networks: Usually not effective due to
frequency of usage and the distance of the ceiling from the
toilet bowl.
Self Sufficient Ventilation System: Aspirone is a direct and
effective system that is not based on the traditional procedure.
Applications: Connected to the Soema electronic flushing
systems type: VAIDIM/5, VAIDIM/6, VAIDIM/7, VAIDIM/9.
Connectivity: Special brass joint connects the flush tube to an
in-take group.
Functionality: Channels the odours to the general ventilation
system by creating a depression inside the toilet bowl.
Operation/Interruption: The electronic circuit of the flushing
system enables the operation/interruption of the in-take system
as well as its power supply.
Equipped with: Power Supply: 230/12Vac 6VA II class IP65.


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