Jul, 06 2020


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Colour Glass-T Sanitary Partition consist of matched coloured panels in tempered glass with
a 5+5 composition supported by an upper strengthening round profile (chain).
The vertical dividing panels exceed the partition frontal line, thus formulating a visual idea of
delicatly connected compartments.
All RAL colours used have a water base synthesis and are friendly to the environment.
Glass panels are attached together with the use of a non-toxic glue substance that creates
security and provides the aliveness of the colour effect desired.
Glass surfaces, especially the doors, can be Nano-technologically treated to upgrade enormously
resistance to polution and finger stains.
All hardware and accessories used are designed by Soema and are produced with a handcrafted
technological methodology from high resistant anodised aluminium in satin finishing. Doors are
self-closing, monitored by a upper mechanism and a rotating adjustqble floor support while
the ergonomical door lock is completed with a free/engaged indicator.


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