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The series of lockers INFINITO has been devised to furnish and embellish changing rooms by paying special attention to design and elegant style. The possibility of assembling the columns one after the other makes it easier and faster to mount the lockers inside the changing room.
The materials adopted – stainless steel for the support framework, anodized aluminum for the section bars and the hardware and panels in (C-HPL) Compact High Pressured Laminate for the framework makes this locker a very high quality product. The locker frame consists of solid section bars in anodized aluminium alloy T60/60 with which the back and side panels are assembled. The fixed tiers between one door and the other are inserted in the section bars of
the frame. The height of the legs in aluminium is of 100 or 200 mm; in the version in AISI 304 stainless steel their height is of 200 mm with basement and bracket. The structure is fitted with door slits to allow the penetration of air and/or the coming out of liquids used for washing. The doors are made either of tempered glass (6mm) or 8mm-thick laminated C-HPL or in COLOUR GLASS and can be opened up to 180°. The number of each door is laser printed on stainless steel plates. The ledge profiles are equipped with rubber gaskets throughout the length of each door acting as shock absorbers. The lockers can be arranged either in sets of 1/2/3 columns or in one single solution without any interruption (modular system to be installed directly on the spot).


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