Jun, 26 2020


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INTEGRA-M is a combination of an continuous chanel-type Acrial Solid Surface washbasin with
an attached back-splash that bears the sensors, electronic square visible spouts for soap-waterair
and an luminous mirror with LED light and direction indicators for the users.
• General characteristics: Heavy duty.
• Description: Washbasin with integrated Electronic Soap dispenser, Tap/faucet and Hand-dryer.
• Functionality: Automatic.
• Washbasin & Vertical Panel: Material: Acryl/Corian.
• Washbasin type: Channel type.
• Washbasin colour: White.
• Washbasin built-in supports: Galvanized steel.
• Washing stations: One, two or three washing positions.
• Washbasin single station dimensions: 700X460mm.
• Standard washing unit position height from fl oor: 800mm.
• Washbasin electronic fi xtures: Soap dispenser, tap, hand-dryer.
• Optional: Mirror with perimeter LED light, luminous direction writing (water, air, soap).
• Glass shelf: One shelf for each position stabilized by brass-chromed supports (Integra-S).
• Fixtures: Chromed solid-brass (Integra-S).
• Electronic wall built-in tap (Integra-S).
• Acryl shelf: One shelf for each position (Integra-M).
• Electronic tap, soap dispenser, hand dryer: inside the console (Integra-M).
• Infrared electronic circuit: featuring an incorporated automatic shutoff system.
• Solenoid valve and hydraulic part: in solid brass and fi tted with check valves bearing fi lters.
• Square spouts: Fixed directly to the vertical panel: Removable for inspection and maintenance.
• Thermostatic mixer: Supplied for hot and cold water use: Not supplied when water is only cold
or pre-mixed.
• Equipped: with 230/18Vac safety transformer.


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