Systems - Soema

SPIS: Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional Systems

An exclusive certified Modular Self-Contained Technological System, consisting either of free-standing or of wall-mounted units equipped with hydraulic, sewage, electrical and suction systems placed ‘outside the wall’.
The complete prefabricated solutions created by Soema are energy-saving, simple and self-contained. They also stand out for their hand-crafted technological features and for being high quality, durable, movable, inspectable and hygienic with the benefit of having “one single manufacturer-supplier”.

Spis is the revolutionary Soema System with which we transform empty or already divided rooms

…we prefabricated the systems and furnishing

… and we install everything, providing time savings, less use of skilled labor, reduction of waste on site and a return on investment of 100%.

For Architects and designers:
• Market leading solutions
• Cutting-edge technology
• Flexible design
• Cost control
• Sustainability
• One single producer/provider
• Prefabrication
• Controlled production environment
• Guaranteed quality
• Careful attention to hygiene

For Construction Companies:
• Time saving
• External skilled labor
• Up to 60% faster installations
• Reduction in work accidents

For Investors & End Users:
• Better infection control
• Easy cleaning
• Durability
• Anti vandal features
• Easy maintenance and preservation
• 100% return of investment value

Want to know more?

MOPPS: Modular Prefabricated Perimeter Systems

Flexible Modular Prefabricated Perimeter System for separating and dividing ‘High Traffic Sanitary Areas and Changing Facilities’ avoiding the typical masonry works. The system is composed of self-standing 82mm-thick thermoacoustic insulation sandwich panels with surface finishing in C+ HPL (High Pressured Laminate) that can be easily assembled on the spot.

MO.PPS systems are created to complete SPIS® systems. This prefabricated solution allows to create, divide and equip very large sanitary areas and changing rooms and is a real guarantee to each investor/end user for being time saving, simple, self-contained, long life, movable and hygienic.
This solution, endowed with all the basic features of SPIS® systems, can also be fully equipped with sanitary, hydraulic and electrical equipment and makes it possible to create easily floor-to- ceiling modular perimeter wall partitions or modular space dividers and corridors avoiding the traditional brick, cement or plasterboard wall masonry.

In addition to the special advantages offered by the SPIS® solution, MO.PPS system is delivered complete with the type of finishing preferred and does not require any extra work after its installation.
The modular system allows the relocation or rearrangement of any area and it can be installed in any designed perimeter point. MOPPS prefabricated systems suit any type of design style matching the visual requirements of every single customer.