SPIS & MO.PPS - Soema

Spis e mo.pps

SPIS: Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional Systems
An exclusive Soema certified Modular Self-Contained Technological System consisting either of free-standing or of wall-mounted units equipped with hydraulic, sewage, electrical and suction systems placed ‘outside the wall’.
These complete prefabricated solutions are energy saving, simple and self-contained.

MOPPS: Modular Prefabricated Perimeter Systems
Flexible Modular Prefabricated Perimeter System for separating and dividing ‘High Traffic Sanitary Areas and Changing Facilities’ avoiding the typical masonry works. The system is composed of self-standing 82mm-thick thermoacoustic insulation sandwich panels with surface finishing in C+ HPL (High Pressured Laminate) that can be easily assembled on the spot.