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Misano Circuit

Misano Adriatico (Italia)

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In Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli motorcycle circuit located in Misano Adriatico in the province of Rimini, Soema has left its technological and innovative mark by creating two bathroom areas intended for two different users, each with particular needs.

The bathrooms outside the circuit, dedicated to the staff, mechanics and race organizers, have been designed for intensive use. The products chosen for this bathroom area are resistant and highly durable. The bathrooms inside the circuit, however, were designed for a different target: the guests of the circuit.

The comfort and aesthetic refinement of the Integra G multifunctional electronic sinks and the Sipario Color Glass sliding doors make the entire bathroom area pleasant. Aesthetic care and technological innovation enhance modernity, transforming a shared bathroom into a true design jewel.

In both bathroom areas, Soema has provided solutions with high technological performance and hygienic safety.


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