Integrated Solutions

Spis® & Mopps® System


Scegliere le soluzioni integrate SPIS® e MOPPS® offre molteplici vantaggi

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  • Market leading solution
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Flexible design
  • Cost control
  • Sustainability
  • Sole manufacturer and supplier
  • Prefabrication
  • Controlled manufacturing environment
  • Premium quality
  • Maximum attention to hygiene
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  • Savings over time
  • External specialized labor
  • Installations up to 60% faster
  • Reduction of injuries
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  • Greater infection control
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long duration
  • Anti-vandal features
  • Easy maintenance and storage
  • 100% return on investment value


SPIS® is the complete prefabricated solution tailored to your spaces

An exclusive “Modular Autonomous Technological System” which aims to build a “Complete Prefabricated Solution”, after the installation of the main systems and flooring, dividing, covering and equipping high-traffic bathrooms and changing room areas with self-supporting or wall-mounted systems.

The systems are equipped with hydraulic, drainage, electrical and ventilation systems “external to the wall”, based on the idea of savings, simplicity and autonomy without neglecting the normal characteristics of technological artisanal production, quality, durability, mobility, inspectability and hygiene and the “single manufacturer-supplier” advantage.

The “Complete Inspectable Prefabricated Solution” can be customized offering unique aesthetic and hygienic solutions.

The system can in fact be combined with all electronic devices from the wide Soema range:

  • Electronic toilet units
  • Self-sufficient sinks with one station and three functions (tap-soap dispenser-towels) related by
    mirrors with LED backlighting and function indicators.
  • Urinals, shower controls and any other technology in SOEMA product catalogue, to be selected based on necessities of the client and future end users.

It is possible to combine dividing walls with the inspectional system, depending on the design choices and the customer’s needs.

  • 60% faster installation
  • Efficiency and mobility of installations
  • Reduced skilled labor
  • Hygiene and infection control
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Ability to resist vandalism


Experience, the ability to listen to the customer’s needs combined with that of helping him understand the latent ones, design support, inspections, constant checks throughout the process, assembly assistance, after-sales service. These are the reasons why SPIS is now so appreciated by many customers who have chosen it and whose validity they have been experiencing for some time.


Without the need for preliminary or finishing work on surfaces (tiles, plaster, painting). Systems external to the walls assembled and prepared in the company which can be fixed to the back of each structure. The waste system line is prepared in a similar way and connected directly to the previously prepared main points of the general sewerage system. The self-sufficient suction system can be applied by connecting the special sanitary ware with a dedicated outlet pipe.


Made up of complete inspectable sky-ground units in HPL (high pressure laminate) which allow simple maintenance. Structures resting on self-supporting elements in galvanized steel equipped with horizontal bars in the upper part, specifically designed to support systems, hygiene equipment, sink tops, urinals and dividers. The maximum distance between the wall and the inspectable units is 30cm. Fixing to the ground or ceiling is achieved via a high quality anodized aluminum pedestal profile perfectly inserted inside the panels.


Thanks to a careful design, it is possible to connect all the modular structures and furnishings with extreme ease and precision at specific points, identified to completely eliminate mistakes. This allows you to optimize the speed and accuracy of installations. The plurality of furniture and modular structures for hygienic spaces allows the designer to choose or adapt the chosen solution to his project, maximizing the flexibility of the ideas.


A vast choice of electronic equipment and sanitary fixtures is able to satisfy every need of modern hygiene spaces. From taps, toilet units, urinals, shower controls, self-sufficient hand basins to a whole specific range of accessories and electronic toilet units for disabled people. It is also possible to provide Pavim Drip-cleaning recessed flooring connected to Vaidim electronic toilet flushing systems.

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MOPPS® is a prefabricated system to divide highly frequent hygienic spaces

MO.PPS is a flexible prefabricated modular perimeter system, made up of 82 mm self-supporting sandwich panels with HPL (high pressure laminate) surface finishing, easily assembled on site. This system is unique for organizing high traffic spaces and changing rooms, avoiding the usual building works.

Soema designed and created MO.PPS to complete the SPIS® systems aiming at a totally prefabricated solution for the perimeter space suitable for creating, dividing and equipping large hygienic areas based on the same concepts of time saving, simplicity, self-sufficiency, long durability, mobility, hygiene and single manufacturer-supplier.

The system, equipped with all the basic features of SPIS® systems, is able to support all sanitary equipment, plumbing and electrical systems installed with the outside-the-wall concept and allows you to easily create finished modular perimeter partition walls or dividing panels and finished floor to ceiling corridors, with reasonable acoustic insulation, replacing brick, concrete or plasterboard masonry works.

In addition to the special advantages offered by SPIS® systems, MO.PPS are delivered already complete with the type of finish chosen and they do not require further work after installation (plastering, tiling, painting). The modular system allows you to reposition or rearrange a given space without difficulty or dust production; it can be completed with sturdy HPL (high pressure laminate) doors at any designed perimeter point.

Creating prefabricated buildings with the MO.PPS system is quick and lively as the vast range of finishes available allows you to create a complete product in an imaginative and colorful way.

  • Same characteristics as the SPIS® system
  • Possibility of supporting false ceilings
  • Replacement of all classic masonry works
  • Supports all sanitary equipment, plumbing and electrical systems
  • Delivered complete with the type of finish chosen
  • It requires no further work after installation


Experience, the ability to listen to the customer’s needs combined with that of helping him understand the latent ones, design support, inspections, constant checks throughout the process, assembly assistance, after-sales service.These are the reasons why SPIS is now so appreciated by many customers who have chosen it and whose validity they have been experiencing for some time.


The 82 mm self-supporting sandwich panels represent a flexible and easy-to-install solution thanks to quick-fit hooks that contribute to the perfection of the final result. Reinforcements made up of profiles guarantee the solidity of the structure and allow the panels to be connected in an optimal way, making cleaning the surfaces extremely easy. The HPL (high pressure laminate) coating of the panels can be a different color on both sides. The ground and ceiling connections are made using an anodized aluminum cover or an elastic sealant.


The 82mm self-supporting sandwich panels allow you to easily replace any internal partition wall. Being created based on the architectural projection of the area, they allow you to cover any part of a hygienic or changing room space. Thanks to their modularity and the fact that the entire structure is organized previously within the factory and does not require masonry work for finalization (tiling, plastering, painting) the saving in terms of time is maximum. Doors and furnishings can be made in almost any logical position, helping the ergonomic and design aspect.


With the support of careful design of the modular structures, furnishings, equipment and internal systems, it is possible to accurately connect everything with ease and precision at points prepared on the sandwich panels (82 mm self-supporting) and eliminate errors by using the elements in galvanized steel and horizontal supports. Nothing is left to chance. This allows you to optimize the precision of the installations and easily move the structures set up within the construction site. The MO.PPS combination can be particularly effective in peripheral areas where it is difficult to find manpower.


The choice of electronic equipment and sanitary fixtures is able to satisfy every need of modern hygiene spaces. Plurality allows the designer to choose from a vast range and adapt the solution to his own project while maximizing the flexibility of ideas. It is also possible to provide the ASPIRONE autonomous suction system and the PAVIM drip-cleaning recessed flooring connected to the Vaidim electronic toilet flushing systems and the toilet.

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