Arredare con cura servizi igienici e spogliatoi
Arredare con cura servizi igienici e spogliatoi

Carefully furnishings toilets and changing rooms

In recent years, the furnishing trends of common spaces such as toilets and changing rooms have evolved in line with domestic furnishing trends, i.e. ever greater attention to materials, details, functionality combined with design, comfort, quality of experience that is offered to the people for whom that common space is intended.

This happens because common spaces in general and, in particular, in some sectors such as hospitality and tourist accommodation or sports, became decisive aspects in users' choice. People want to enjoy beautiful and comfortable, hygienic and safe environments, without having to give up any of these pluses and, for this same reason, the owners of businesses of this kind decide to invest in the redevelopment of common spaces.

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Soema has been designing common spaces such as high-frequency toilets and changing rooms for more than 30 years, offering its customizable prefabricated modular solutions that meet the needs of contemporary users and allow customers to save time and money without renouncing at design, functionality, hygiene and safety.

Arredare con cura servizi igienici e spogliatoi

Among the main advantages of choosing Soema as a partner for the creation of carefully furnished and premium quality common spaces are the following:

  1. Soema is the only contact point for the customer in the formula as manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated high-traffic hygiene systems and changing rooms.
  2. Soema assists the customer in the design and post-installation phase, never failing to provide the customer with its consultancy support.
  3. Soema offers flexible solutions, whatever the type of environment to be furnished, factories, schools, hospitals, we are able to offer you the best in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Soema offers a wide range of products that allows you to make common toilet spaces and changing rooms highly functional and with an aesthetic impact thanks to the different solutions present in the range:

If you want to learn more about our company and talk to us about your project, contact us. We will be happy to explain to you in detail all the advantages of choosing Soema as a partner for the realization of your project.