Servizi igienici e spogliatoi per campeggi

Toilets and lockers rooms for campsites

Soema, for more than 30 years, has been designing and making products for highly-frequented toilets and lockers rooms with the goal of a comfortable user experience, easy maintenance and the greatest hygiene and water saving.

< Watch the video of our setting for Miramare Camping, click here! >

The modular prefabricated perimeter system (MOPPS) and all other Soema products, such as the electronic faucets, electronic flushing cisterns, electronic shower controls, floorings, locker rooms and benches, allow to realize practical and functional toilets able to ensure comfort to the location’s guests and maintenance practicality to the cleaning services.

Furthermore, the technical team responsible for design will be able to offer custom solutions for the specific needs that could include other services, for example a laundry room with washing machines and dryers or an area for children.
Before starting, we’ll collect all the necessary information to elaborate the best solution matching exactly with the hospitality intents of the facility.

< Watch the video of the toilets realization in Terme di Giunone, click here! >

In fact, Soema modular prefabricated perimeter systems (MOPPS) allow to divide the spaces avoiding building work. This system is characterized by sandwich self-standing panels in high-pressure laminate finish, an easily-sanitizing surface that prevents the accumulation of dirt, facilitates the cleaning and makes the spaces safer. The floorings equipped with the rinsing system with rotating sprayers will keep always the area sanitized.
Soema prefabricated toilets for the campsites are solutions equipped with hydraulic, electrical, exhaust and ventilation systems, all solutions nice to see and easy to manage. They allow to save money since no building work is needed and time because Soema, as unique contact, manages every project’s aspect, from design to turnkey realization.
Practical and functional solutions for each style can be combined with electronic products that allow to save water, thus ensuring a pleasant user experience.

< If you are the owner of a campsite and want to renovate the toilets of your facility, contact us! We will put our team of technicians at your disposal and more than 30 years of experience and innovation in the field! >