Progettazione di servizi igienici e spogliatoi per piscine
spogliatoi piscine

Designing hygienic services and locker rooms for swimming pools

In three previous articles we’ve explained how to create locker rooms for sports centers, how to furnish commonly-used spaces with benches and lockers, what requirements are necessary to ensure the maximum hygiene and safety.

In this article we want to discuss in more detail about the toilets and locker rooms’ design for swimming pools.

A precise regulation sets parameters and sanitary requirements for these environments about the water quality and quantity, the temperature and the amount of chlorine. Observing these rules obviously protects people's health.

Anyway, the typical moisture of these environments, the high temperature and people are risk factors towards which it’s necessary to respond with common sense to protect against any health problems.

In fact, hygiene comes from compliance with specific rules and the behavior of individual people who hang out at a certain environment.

Inside the facilities with swimming pools there are also other areas (bathrooms, locker rooms and showers) where maintaining the hygiene is fundamental.

Soema is a factory that for more than 30 years has been designing and producing highly-frequented hygienic systems and locker rooms mixing craft and technological innovation. Hygiene, safety, easy cleaning and excellent user experience are at the center of its design, without excluding the water saving.
Soema product range can satisfy all the needs of an environment such as the swimming pool and can support the customer offering him a custom design based on his requests and all phases of the project.
Soema has designed prefabricated hygienic services systems that can adapt to the specific design of the customer and allow him to save time and money thanks to its “single contact referent” characteristic. In fact, Soema is both supplier and producer of these systems and its experience in almost 40 years of history allows it to create solutions to any type of space and style desired.

If you have a structure with a swimming pool or you are a technician in charge of the design of hygienic services and locker rooms of a swimming pool, we invite you to contact us and learn more about our factory and its wide products range.

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