Ecco i valori alla base della strategia commerciale di Soema
salvatore di caprio memoria storica soema

Salvatore Di Caprio: «The values at the base of Soema business strategy»

With his thirty-year experience in the factory, Salvatore di Caprio is the historical memory of Soema. As sales advisor, he manages the sales and technical training of commercial agents on the national territory.

Di Caprio, which are the new market needs in this sector and how is Soema trying to satisfy them?

«The market is constantly evolving: our flexibility has allowed us to satisfy the customers’ requests. By designing hygienic systems, the factory has created a unique self-sufficient modular technological combination. This aims to offer a complete solution to build, divide and furnish highly-frequented hygienic spaces and locker rooms. Everything based on savings, simplicity and selfsufficiency».

Which benefits do Soema customers note from the relation with the factory?

«Surely, we offer our customers:

  • Design and assembly;
  • Unique reference contact as producer-supplier;
  • Flexible design according to the customer needs;
  • Certain costs;
  • Installation time reduced;
  • After-sales assistance with scheduled maintenance contracts;
  • Easy maintenance»

Which values guide you in the business relationships?

«For sure the competence developed and consolidated by the team over years always offering technical consultation at 360°».  

Craft and technological innovation are two strategic guidelines of Soema production philosophy. In the future, how will they continue to match?  

«Knowing, making and being are skills that have allowed to achieve a technological innovation. In fact, we had the confirmation that craft and innovation are what allows us to satisfy the market needs. The approvals obtained over the years have consolidated Soema important position in the creation of highly-frequented locker rooms and bathrooms».