Soema: progettazione di bagni scolastici
progettazione bagni scolastici

Soema: designing toilets for schools

Soema is a factory with a more thirty-year experience specialized in the sector of highly-frequented hygienic systems and locker rooms.

Its know-how, based on excellent craft and technological innovation, allows to work on every kind of project and production:

  1. Design of hygienic services and locker rooms for companies;
  2. Design of hygienic services and locker rooms for swimming pools;
  3. Design of hygienic services and locker rooms for sport centers;
  4. Design of hygienic services and locker rooms for camp sites.

These are just some of the design possibilities where Soema can be the unique reference contact as manufacturer-supplier for the customer. The internal production department and the technical team support the customer for all design needs.

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Soema prefabricated hygienic systems, in fact, are autonomous modular systems that adapt to any type of space and can be installed without masonry since they are equipped with all the necessary systems. These Soema prefabricated solutions save time and money and are not only functional and effective in the primary requirement of safety and hygiene but also allow high-impact aesthetic solutions thanks to cabins, cubicles, dividing walls with singular details that enhance every space.

Designing highly-frequented hygienic systems with Soema means first of all: design consultation, listening to needs, compliance with the regulations relating to the environment where the system needs to be inserted, maximum comfort and aesthetic pleasantness.

When you deal with schools, in fact, it’s necessary to know the current norms on construction and comply with the requirements indicated in the Ministerial Decree that describes the characteristics of sanitary spaces and locker rooms. When some information is missing, it’s necessary to turn to professionals who don’t offer standard but customized solutions to the toilet end users.

The project customization is a distinctive advantage of Soema which is equipped with an internal production department capable of adapting each element to the space in which it’s inserted.

Soema products’ range is wide and designed to functionally and aesthetically enhance the hygienic service. It includes:

  1. Electronic faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers
  2. Electronic integrated systems and washbasins
  3. Electronic stainless steel hand washings
  4. Sanitization systems
  5. Electronic WC and urinals’ flushing cisterns with antistick function
  6. Floorings
  7. Electronic shower controls and obligatory passages
  8. Equipment for people with disabilities
  9. Doors
  10. Dividing walls, cubicles and cabins
  11. Lockers and benches.

If you are interested in learning more on our factory, projects, contact us. We’ll be glad to introduce ourself and let you know our design and production philosophy.