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Jul, 06 2020


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The Arena box series is a line of partition boxes in 14mm thick HPL, with
a “scratch-proof” finish, smoothed edges and rounded edges.
The individual panels are assembled thanks to the profiles containing the
structure together with the upper “bar” which also allows its adjustment.
The vertical profiles include gaskets and self-closing hinges, which are
adjustable and equipped with non-rubbing bushings.
All the upper “bar” vertical profiles and the hinges are produced in
anodised aluminium.
The partitions are fastened to the floor thanks to the adjustable legs,
protected by a plastic protective covering in silver for an improved
aesthetic affect. The doors are equipped with a free/engaged indicator
lock and the possibility of emergency opening with the closure system
that allows its approach in a space of approx. 700mm for easier access.
>Optional: free/engaged LED light indicator on
each door (for high traffic areas).


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