Il valore del capitale umano in Soema: l’intervista al plant manager Cognigni
plant manager soema matteo cognigni

The value of human capital in Soema: an interview with the plant manager Cognigni

In the heart of company activities, the work of Matteo Cognigni, plant manager, stands out, characterized by a range of responsibilities that embraces the entire technical activities.

Cognigni, what are your areas of expertise and management in the company?

«I take care of everything concerning the technical area:

  • projects management;
  • production planning;
  • production;
  • purchases;
  • quality;
  • after sale and mounting services;
  • technical office."

Your role allows you to follow the entire value chain of the product, remaining close to most of collaborators. As a plant manager, how do you relate to the latter and on which values is the relationship based?

«Within the management, we all give main value on the professional growth of our collaborators. In all areas of my competence, together with the human resources managers, we carry out projects helpful for the growth of the skills of our colleagues. For this reason, we also strongly believe in sharing strategies, to think how implement them all together.»

High frequency hygiene systems represent one of Soema's flagship products. As already underlined, these are prefabricated solutions characterized by high quality materials, finishes and workmanship.

Which are the technical advantages of this specific system?

«First of all, we offer an integrated service, we don't aim to offer a simple product, but a system. We are confident in the support we can give to designers and the end users, thanks to our 38 years of experience. Another important strong point is given by the customization of the products, according to the needs of the clients. Furthermore, they benefit from the advantage of being able to interface with a single subject who is beside them from the very beginning with the commercial proposal, through the closing of the order up to assembly and post-sales.»

The meeting between technology and craftsmanship

Soema is well  known for combining technological innovation and high quality craftsmanship. The aim is to satisfy the needs of the market which requires increasingly functional and design solutions.

In this regard, what is the next objective that the company has set itself in terms of improvement for the years to come?

«Soema was a trailblazer in its industry, thanks to the brilliant ideas of the founders. In recent years we have invested heavily in human capital, training and research. For this reason, our goal is to open a decade characterized by new products and integrated services for both the national and international markets.»

You follow both technical office and that of assembly and after sale services. How do these two teams give added value for the customer who turns to Soema?

«The added value is given by the technical skills which are our main know-how for us. Sufficient to say that the  skills of the employees are horizontal including  mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic ones. In the factory,  there are 12 different departments that respond to the different needs studied by the technical office. All this to give a complete service to our customers. The same goes for after sale. We make use of the help of external teams to reduce response times, but we also have inside resources dedicated to managing any problems that act immediately."