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Armadi per spogliatoi

Lockers for changing rooms

Lockers for sports or corporate changing rooms or for any other type of structure that requires the leaving of personal objects in high-frequency common areas are essential to guarantee the user the protection of their belongings.

Soema offers a wide range of furnishing solutions for common areas which include both toilets and changing rooms. These are complete solutions that ensure maximum hygiene, ease of maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Especially in certain types of structure, for example accommodation facilities, knowing how to create a certain atmosphere and suggestions through the choice of particular materials, shapes and colors can be an important added value for the structure itself.

Soema's changing room lockers lines are designed to optimize spaces without sacrificing comfort of use: in fact, they are available with feet, with flat and sloping roofs, with dirty/clean separation, with forced ventilation and with the possibility of insert internal modules to separate spaces according to use needs.

Armadi per spogliatoi

Soema's lockers can be coordinated with cubicles and dividing walls so as to obtain an harmonious environment of styles, materials and colours.

In addition to lockers and benches for changing rooms, Soema offers a wide range of products to complete areas for common use:

Finally, Soema offers a turnkey solution to create high-frequency hygiene spaces that can be customized to specific project needs.

These are two systems that allow you to create complete, autonomous, hygienic, easy to maintain and handcrafted prefabricated bathrooms.

It is a wall-mounted or self-supporting system equipped with all the systems (SPIS) which can be installed without the need for masonry works and a prefabricated modular perimeter system (MOOPS) which allows the spaces within the environment to be divided using sandwich panels self-supporting.

If you are interested in enhancing your structure with Soema solutions, contact us. We are able to support you in every phase of the project and continue to be a point of reference for you even in the post-sales phase, in the event of critical issues or any other needs. We provide you with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, a highly qualified technical team and an internal production department capable of ensuring project flexibility.