Pavimentazioni per servizi igienici pubblici
pavimentazioni per servizi igienici pubblici

Flooring for public toilets

Public toilets or high-traffic toilets are areas in which it is so important to guarantee users both hygiene and safety.

Soema has created a particular type of built-in flooring to partially or completely replace traditional tiles which is rinsed automatically every time the toilet and urinal flushes are activated. Rinsing takes place via rotating sprayers that allow you to optimize the use of water and avoid waste.

pavimentazioni per servizi igienici pubblici

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Soema designs and manufactures accessories for public toilets that always meet hygiene and safety requirements.

The Company is a leader in this industry and in 30 years of experience it has been able to offer cutting-edge technological solutions, the result of the expertise of the technical team and the internal production department.

The wide range of Soema products includes:

Furthermore, Soema is a leader in the design of prefabricated sanitary systems turnkey supplied with the exclusive manufacturer-supplier solution.

These are made of:

  1. SPIS: autonomous modular technological system which consists of self-supporting or wall-mounted systems equipped with plumbing, drainage, electrical and ventilation systems “outside the wall" already installed.

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  1. MOPPS: 82 mm self-supporting thermo-acoustic sandwich panels with C-HPL (high pressure laminate) surface finish that can be easily assembled on site.

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Soema's prefabricated toilets save time and money, can be installed quickly and do not require masonry work.

They adapt to any style of environment and to the needs of the users they are designed for; during the design consultancy phase we will show you how the prefabricated solutions are modular and declined in different colors and styles for any aesthetic effects.

sistemi igienici prefabbricati

If you are interested in learning more about our company and want to be assisted by a reliable partner who will follow you from the design phase to after-sales, contact us. We will be happy to introduce ourselves and let you discover Soema's technological innovation and craftsmanship.