Perché scegliere gli spogliatoi prefabbricati di Soema
Perché scegliere gli spogliatoi prefabbricati di Soema

Why choose Soema prefabricated locker rooms?

Carefully furnishing the common spaces, hygienic services and locker rooms, of the accommodation facilities, sport centers or companies, is very important to offer users a pleasant and functional environment that guarantees the primary requirements of hygiene, safety and privacy.

Prefabrication is a construction method that has reached high quality standards from every point of view so to be more and more often used to create common areas such as locker rooms and toilets in a short time, saving considerably money and not leaving the aesthetics apart.

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Soema has been designing and producing highly-frequented hygienic services and locker rooms for more than thirty years, putting at its customers disposal a competence characterized by a precious knowledge that’s the result of innovation, technology and craft.

In this article we want to highlight the reasons to rely on Soema to create prefabricated locker rooms.

Why rely on Soema?

Soema as manufacturer and supplier offers its customers consultation, design, production of highly-frequented hygienic services and locker rooms with the turnkey solution. Therefore, this involves that the customer will have a unique contact person from the beginning to the end of the project; moreover, Soema will continue to support him even after the furniture because it assists the customer in all his needs.

Soema handcrafts prefabricated modules that allow to separate hygienic areas and locker rooms adapting to any type of style and environment. In fact, one of the characteristics of Soema prefabricated systems is flexibility, let’s say the ability to adapt to every design need. In addition, Soema offers a wide range of lockers and benches to furnish every type of locker room with elegance and practicality.

Soema products range is very wide and includes also cubicles, cabins, dividing walls to create spaces based on the customers’ requests. They allow to separate the locker rooms from the toilet areas making the whole environment refined.

If you want to create a locker room and you’re looking for a reliable partner able to enhance your structure, offering you all-round consulting, contact us. We’ll be glad to introduce ourselves and let us know better and help you set up your project, saving time and money and putting quality first.