4 buoni motivi per scegliere i bagni modulari prefabbricati
4 buoni motivi per scegliere i bagni modulari prefabbricati

4 good reasons to choose prefabricated modular bathrooms

Modular bathrooms are prefabricated solutions that can be assembled on site and are an optimal solution for hotels, campsites, hospitals, companies, schools and sports centers.

Prefabricated modular bathrooms offer many advantages:

  1. They can be customized based on the design needs and the end users;
  2. They can be installed quickly and easily;
  3. They are durable because they are made with materials that resist well high traffic people;
  4. They guarantee resource savings thanks to automation.

Customize public toilets with Soema solutions

Soema’s prefabricated bathroom systems are modular bathrooms of high construction quality and flexible, capable of adapting to any type of environment thanks to the variety of materials, finishes and accessories available in Soema’s range.

The Soema product range includes:


4 buoni motivi per scegliere i bagni modulari prefabbricatiSPIS is the acronym for Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional Systems and consists of an autonomous, self-supporting technological system equipped with all external systems already installed on the wall.

This system allows you to equip any space based on the specific needs of the client.

MOPPS is the acronym for prefabricated modular perimeter system and allows you to divide spaces within an environment without the need for masonry work.

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10 advantages of Soema’s prefabricated modular bathrooms

  1. Manufacturer-supplier formula;
  2. Turnkey solution;
  3. Technological innovation;
  4. Craftsmanship
  5. High quality;
  6. Design flexibility;
  7. Quick and easy installation;
  8. Easy cleaning;
  9. Easy maintenance;
  10. Hygiene and safety for users.

Manufacturers and suppliers of the turnkey solution

Soema guarantees the customer to be relaxed  as it produces and supplies its prefabricated modular bathrooms with the turnkey formula, thus also allowing the customer to save considerable time and money. Furthermore, the customer will not have to interact with many different people during the project since Soema acts as the sole contact person, from the consultancy-design to the installation and after sale.

The company is equipped with an internal production department which allows us to further streamline the realization of particular customer needs or the resolution of any critical issues and problems.

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