I servizi igienici protagonisti della customer experience delle strutture ricettive
customer experience delle strutture ricettive

The hotels’ bathrooms in the customers experience

Everyone knows how the hygienic services in the hotels play a decisive role in the customers experience that can be satisfying and rewarding. In fact, quality toilets mean well-being and comfort, feeling at home even when it’s not so.

For this reason, the owners of accommodation facilities turn to professionals in the sector to be able to enhance their hotels and campsites with hygienic services designed in every small detail and aesthetically able to impress people. One of the most requested aspects is certainly customize elements such as doors.

Whether it is a luxury hotel or a campsite there is no difference; the highly-frequented bathrooms can be all made functional and aesthetically beautiful.

customer experience delle strutture ricettive

Thanks to its more thirty-year experience in designing and producing highly-frequented commercial bathrooms and locker rooms Soema has become a reference for all those looking for a partner capable of simultaneously satisfying functionality, let’s say quality and safety, and design, let’s say ability to offer customized solutions to create pleasant environments for users.

Quality and safety in highly-frequented toilets means choosing the most suitable materials for the users’ hygiene and health safety maintenance; it also means ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Design means finding specific solutions for specific needs; Soema can rely on an internal production department with high craft and technological skills and this added value allows us to be a reference for the customer even after the production; any problem or criticality can be solved thanks to a solid support relationship.

Soema wide range of products can satisfy very different needs including its prefabricated hygienic systems that allow to combine quality, safety and custom design to improve the manufacturer-supplier formula.

Soema prefabricated hygienic systems consist of a self-standing or wall-mounted modular autonomous system equipped with all plants and a self-standing and thermo-acoustic perimeter modular system to divide the spaces.

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In addition to quality and design, Soema prefabricated hygienic systems allow to save water while ensuring the users maximum hygiene and safety.

If you are the owner of an accommodation facility and want to enhance it, contact us for a preliminary meeting. We’ll be happy to show our references and support you in a renovation project of your hygienic services.