I bagni prefabbricati per ospedali di Soema
bagni prefabbricati per ospedali

Soema’s prefabricated hospital bathrooms

Soema offers handcrafted prefabricated modular high-frequency hygiene solutions that allow you to obtain comfortable hygienic spaces, with an aesthetic impact and capable of guaranteeing maximum hygiene and easy maintenance.

Soema's prefabricated hygiene systems adapt to any type of environment and are created based on the specific needs of the project and end users.

Specifically, high-frequency hygiene systems intended for hospital facilities can be equipped with all the necessary aids to make them practical and comfortable to use and above all easy to keep clean given many people that goes into.

< Rely on our consultancy, single point of contact from the design phase to after-sales! >

Why choose Soema’s prefabricated bathrooms?

The main advantage of relying on Soema is that the company is both a manufacturer and a supplier of prefabricated bathrooms;  therefore, the customer has only one contact person. Furthermore, the technical staff is able to support the customer and the designer with its consultancy expertise, helping to precisely define the characteristics of the solution that fully responds to the client's needs.

Custom prefabricated bathrooms

Our prefabricated toilet systems are a flexible and quality solution. In fact, we are able to design spaces based on our client's needs, offering a wide range of materials and finishes to obtain a personalized style.

Choosing a prefabricated solution therefore does not mean giving up quality or personalized aesthetics. Soema guarantees both construction quality, functionality and style.

Prefabricated turnkey bathrooms

Summing up:

  1. Soema's prefabricated high-frequency hygiene solutions adapt to any environment and can be customized to the customer's design specifications;
  2. Single point of contact and turnkey formula.

The turnkey formula offers many advantages to those who wish to carry out a project without the need to coordinate different contacts; furthermore, it allows you to have greater control over both costs and implementation times.

Bagni prefabbricati per strutture ospedaliere

Soema aims to accompany the customer not only in the design and construction phase; keeps to be a point of reference for its customer, even in the event of any critical issues. The company is equipped with an internal production department capable of always finding and offering effective technical solutions.