servizi igienici pubblici prefabbricati di Soema
servizi igienici pubblici prefabbricati Soema

Carefully furnishings toilets and changing rooms

The prefabricated hygienic services are a quality design solution, treated in all aspects, characterized by fine finishes.

Prefabrication is a construction system which can combine functionality and design to make the commonly-used spaces beautiful to see and comfortable to use.

This allows to install the prefabricated hygienic services everywhere, from companies to accommodation facilities, sports centers and schools.

Soema has been designing and manufacturing prefabricated toilets and locker rooms for over 30 years paying great attention to all details, combining technology and craft skills.

For Soema prefabrication means design and not standardized solutions, in fact, you can customize its prefabricated toilets in many ways based on the customer's needs.

Soema offers its support from the design phase with its specialized consultation to after-sales phase, continuing to be a reference point for the customer in case of any critical issues. It offers its customers the certainty of an internal production department capable of intervening on their specific needs.

Soema products range for prefabricated hygienic commercial bathrooms is very wide and includes, first of all, SPIS and MOPPS.

SPIS is an autonomous modular inspectable self-standing or wall-mounted system equipped with all plants, which can be installed without masonry.

MOPPS is a prefabricated modular perimeter system that allows you to divide the spaces avoiding masonry.

SPIS and MOPPS are solutions that Soema provides with the turnkey formula as unique manufacturer-supplier referent.

Other Soema products that can furnish highly-frequented hygienic spaces and locker rooms are:

Soema prefabricated hygienic services allow to best enhance each structure by offering maximum hygiene, comfort and pleasantness of use; in fact, we are able to create suggestive spaces with a strong aesthetic impact without sacrificing the primary requirements of a public toilet, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

If you are interested in knowing more about our company and you have a project to set up and you want to rely on Soema experience, contact us.