Gli accessori per sistemi igienici pubblici di Soema
accessori per sistemi igienici pubblici di Soema

Flooring for public toilets

Soema is a company with experience and expertise in the industry of designing and manufacturing of high-traffic bathrooms acquired over 30 years in the field.

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The philosophy that pervades the design and construction is the desire to combine technological innovation and craftsmanship in order to deliver effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions to the market, with high attention to every little detail.

Soema's range of accessories for public toilet systems is very vast:

All Soema products are designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum hygiene and safety, are easy to clean and maintain, give comfort of use and allow you to minimize the consumption of resources, avoiding unnecessary waste which is particularly frequent in high-frequency toilets.

Plusses of Soema's accessories and furnishing elements for high-traffic toilets is that, in addition to being efficient and functional, they are aesthetically beautiful and can “dress" any type of environment.

During the design phase, it is important for us to know your needs in terms of style and mood of the environment and to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your project.

Soema's prefabricated toilet systems are not standardized toilet systems from a design point of view; for us, each project is unique, has its specificity, its intended use, its precise style.

accessori per sistemi igienici pubblici

The flexibility of Soema's patented hygienic systems allows us to customize the solutions from every point of view and create public hygienic spaces in different places such as schools, hospitals, hotels, campsites, sports centers and factories.

If you are interested in learning more about our company and want to entrust us with your project, contact us. We will support you in every phase up to after-sales as a single point of contact.