Moduli bagno prefabbricati per campeggi, centri sportivi e spogliatoi aziendali
Moduli bagno prefabbricati per campeggi, centri sportivi e spogliatoi aziendali

Prefabricated modular bathrooms for camp sites, sport centers and companies’ locker rooms

Using prefabricated modular bathrooms have increasingly more advantages so to be chosen in those places such as accommodation facilities, sports centers, companies’ locker rooms, that want to guarantee users a functional and pleasant well-being experience.

Soema offers prefabricated hygienic systems and locker rooms that can be customized on the customer’s request, characterized by design, comfort, attention to detail and finishes elegance. Soema highly-frequented hygienic systems’ high quality is the result of the technological innovation-craft combination: the factory, in fact, has an internal production department and a specialized team that, in synergy with the technical consulting office, are able to offer the best solutions based on the customer needs.

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Let’s see the main characteristics of Soema prefabricated modular bathrooms. Firstly, the inspectable autonomous modular system (SPIS): it’s a self-standing or wall-mounted solution equipped with all plants. This is, therefore, a complete prefabricated system that is produced and supplied by Soema with the single referent- turnkey formula.

For the customer, having only one contact person, manufacturer and supplier, means, in terms of advantages, a considerable time and money saving and the possibility to count on a company at 360°, from design to after-sales phase. 

Secondly, in addition to the self-standing or wall-mounted systems that don’t require masonry, there is also the prefabricated modular perimeter system (MOPPS) that allows you to separate highly-frequented hygienic spaces and locker rooms. It consists of self-standing sandwich panels that you can easily assemble on site.

Soema SPIS and MOPPS systems are made to offer autonomous and long-lasting solutions capable of guaranteeing the maximum hygiene and ease of maintenance; you can choose within different styles that adapt to any type of environment (hotel, campsite, sports center, company locker room).

In recent years, the experience of people in common areas has become a fundamental aspect of the service that guests expect to receive in any type of structure; in particular structures, such as accommodation facilities or sports centers, the common areas are even the decisive discriminating factor of choice.

For this reason, many of these structures are investing in prefabricated bathrooms; they allow to obtain the maximum aesthetic and functional result avoiding demanding works that lengthen the assembling time.

bagni prefabbricati centro sportivi

All products of Soema prefabricated bathrooms can be customized; the products range is so wide that it really allows to carry out projects based on the customer's request.

Soema products range includes:

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