Linda Francesconi e Sara Fava, a tu per tu con le future titolari

Linda Francesconi and Sara Fava, face to face with the future owners

Soema renovates and reinvents itself while remaining faithful to itself

After having interviewed Soema founders, today we’ll better know the factory’s future representatives: the next owners Linda Francesconi and Sara Fava, ready to launch this new women’s leading.

Which stories, people and values do you inherit from the past?

Linda Francesconi: «We have the honor of bringing a beautiful story in the future with two important values. From one hand, the foresight of the business partners Manfredini Giuseppe and Enzo Fava and their ambition to pursue excellence with passion and a strong constant innovation desire. From the other hand, a skillful and professional team that strongly feels to belong to the factory. Nowadays this is rare so it’s to be preserved».

Sara Fava: «We inherit passion, honesty and attention: towards our internal and external collaborators and their work».

What would you like to add to Soema story about values, people and innovation?

Linda Francesconi: «The generational shift can be the opportunity to deeply reflect on the new needs and how to improve and address the factory to the future with collaboration and trust at the base».

Sara Fava: «Maintaining the achieved levels would be already great for us. We’ll surely work hard to make professionally and humanly us at collaborators’ disposal to improve together and remain competitive».

What did you remember about your first day in the factory?

Linda Francesconi: «I don’t remember when I first physically entered the factory. When it was set up, I was ten so I visited the factory many times. But I remember distinctly when, about 15 years ago, already become a lawyer, Soema called me for the first legal advices. Since that time the professional relationship has increased up to help currently with the company strategic choices. Growing professionally alongside this factory giving my support has been and is a great privilege for me».

Sara Fava: «My father took me with him when he had to do some tasks and nobody was here. Those smells are still in my mind and are the same I still breathe today. When I started working in the factory, you can imagine my happiness but at the same time the sense of responsibility I felt».

From past to future. Giuseppe Manfredini and Enzo Fava, Soema founders, at question: «If you look at Soema future, what do you see? » have respectively answered: «Let’s see over the window! » and «A constant development thanks to investments in people and new technologies». What would you like to add?

Linda Francesconi: «Constantly checking the market dynamism so as to face proactively the future».

Sara Fava: «We see the world meaning many opportunities for this factory that still has much to offer».

Thinking about the future, which are your goals?

Linda Francesconi: «Due to the highly competitive market, the goal is always to aim for excellence through innovation and a careful analysis of Italian and foreign trends to allow the brand to grow».

Sara Fava: «Make Soema even more qualitatively competitive in Italy and worldwide».

Which role will people and technology have and how will they relate in the coming years?

Linda Francesconi: «The most important element in our factory is people. The current variable and unstable historical situation requires a constant commitment to encourage the team that need to be at the center of the factory dynamics and made aware of the goals. On the other side, in an extremely competitive market like the one where we work, it’s absolutely strategic to aim for innovation and processes’ simplification to be quick and reactive».

Sara Fava: «People are the heart of our factory. Without them, their sense of belonging and responsibility, nothing would be possible. Technology is our quid: Soema philosophy is based on it. It has allowed and will allow us to be always one step ahead».

Which words will lead your management?

Linda Francesconi: «Competence, ambition, empathic communication, creativity and research».

Sara Fava: «Collaboration, professionalism, quality and internationalism».