Alberta Giustozzi: «Il segreto di Soema? L'affiancamento costante»
alberta giustozzi responsabile cantiere

Alberta Giustozzi: «Soema’s secret? Constant maintenance»

Leading one of the company's key departments, Alberta Giustozzi is in charge to follow the construction sites. With her experience and industry expertise, she coordinates activities, ensuring that every project is successfully completed. In this interview, she shares her vision and the strategies to ensure operational excellence in all Soema projects. Let's find out how her role has contributed to making the company a point of reference in the industry of prefabricated hygienic solutions.

Can you tell us what you daily do?

«With regard to information on the products purchased or the arrangements necessary for their installation, I support the customer or his technicians working on site. Means Soema is always beside our customers while working on site, supporting him and his collaborators. In the construction phase, correct preparation and execution guarantee the optimization of the final result.»

The relationship with the customer is a central aspect of the company philosophy: Soema assists him in the design and construction phases and, at the same time, follows him in the after sale.

What are, in your opinion, the other strong points for choosing Soema as a partner?

«Many of us have been working with the company for at least 25 years. We grew up with the mission to make listening of customer’s necessities as central to be both successful. I remind you that all our clients are looking for high-traffic services. However, each of them has specific needs and projects. The requests – in fact – are the most diverse, such as:

  • toilets in support of sports facilities (such as gyms, swimming pools, arenas)
  • spa facilities;
  • industries;
  • rest areas;
  • airports;
  • campsites;
  • shopping malls.

It is therefore easy to understand how each situation is different, without forgetting that everyone has their own habits and beliefs. Those must be respected through creating the most suitable environment.  Different to the trendy concept of fast food solutions, in Soema we think that easy maintenance is the key factor for a durable product».

 What common problems do Soema prefabricated systems solve and which are the advantages for the customer?

«Definitely not having to cut down anything during maintenance. Whether it's an electronic control, partitions or furnishings of any kind, during the design phase we keep in mind that the most important aspect is that each component could be disassembled and reassembled several times. Therefore, the customer knows that every situation is managed so that his toilets are always working.”

The customization of the project is another feature of great importance: it guarantees the customer full satisfaction of his needs.

Can you give me an example of how customization and prefabricated solutions combine together?

«In recent decades we have focused on making products that are part of the prefabricated solutions more and more modular; this to make easier those involved in design, production or after-sales assistance. However, this does not mean that the buildings must be adapted to the prefabricated solutions, but that it is the latter that must be able to adapt to any situation. For this reason, in Soema there is a technical office that daily takes into consideration the most disparate needs, in order to find the best solutions and verify the applicability of the prefabricated modules, modifying them if necessary.»

 Safety and cleanliness are two crucial conditions in the case of high-traffic toilets. To all this is added the design, a central aspect fully included in the concept of friendly use.

“Sure! Working in a company that deals with toilets and changing rooms for high traffic purposes,  it is normal to have acquired sensitivity towards the concept of a welcoming environment. What do we mean as comfortable when we enter a public bathroom? Cleanliness and hygiene are without doubt main factors to grant comfort of use. Furthermore, if we feel surrounded by the correct proportions between the space used, furnishings, colors and lights, we perceive a pleasant environment. It is natural, therefore, that the more experience one acquires, the greater ideas to experiment with. This is when new graphics and finishes are born to be able to give a modern and innovative look to any environment. It is the collaboration in the team that is formed every time – made up of the client, technicians and Soema – the fuel of the power that this work produces every day».