Progettazione di spazi igienici per alberghi
spazi igienici per alberghi

Designing hygienic spaces for accommodation facilities

Accommodation facilities are another sector in which Soema can best express its know-how and the strengths of its design and production skills.

These structures, in recent decades, have invested a lot to offer their guests hygienic spaces with the necessary requirements of functionality, hygiene and safety, without renouncing aesthetics.

They have understood how a good hygienic service is important to make the stay experience even more beautiful. 

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One of the strengths of Soema is the capability to customize the solutions according to the customers target that a tourist accommodation hosts. During the design phase it’s important for us to collect as much information as possible to suggest the best aesthetic solution based on the needs of the hygienic space functionality.

The design phase is only one of services that Soema offers its customers since it proposes itself as unique contact, from design to production to after-sales assistance.

The customization possibility is allowed by the fact that Soema is manufacturer and supplier of highly-frequented hygienic spaces; it has an internal production department that mixes craft and technological innovation to satisfy every design requirement.

Having a factory like Soema as manufacturer and supplier means a considerable time and money saving for the customer because there is a team that knows every project detail.

Soema offers a wide range of products to those who want to create a highly-frequented hygienic space. First of all, it is the leader of prefabricated inspectional hygienic systems: an exclusive Soema of self-standing or wall-mounted solution equipped with complete systems already installed that don’t require masonry. In addition, it offers a modular prefabricated perimeter system consisting of sandwich panels that allows to divide the spaces, always avoiding masonry.

Soema prefabricated solutions are not standardized solutions but they can be designed according to the customer needs; we offer, in fact, a wide range within doors, floorings, cabins and partitions, faucets.

If you are interested in better knowing our factory, you can contact us and experience the advantage to trust in a factory that puts the customer at the center and whose goal is remaining its reference point even once the project has finished.