Orinatoi elettronici e scarichi wc

Electronic urinals and flushing cisterns

Soema have been designing and producing highly-frequented hygienic systems and locker rooms for more than 30 years, combining craft and technological innovation. Its internal production department together with the technical team guarantees the customer customized design solutions, based on the needs of space and functionality, able to ensure maximum hygiene and safety, as well as a significant water saving.

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Soema support the customer from design to after-sales assistance, offering to make prefabricated turn-key hygienic systems that allow to have in a short time an aesthetically pleasant solution and an excellent user experience, avoiding masonry. This ensures the customer, in addition to the advantage of a direct producer-supplier relationship, a significant time and money saving, too.

Soema offer a wide range of innovative products to make highly-frequented hygienic spaces comfortable, easy to sanitize and fast to service: 

Soema different solutions for electronic urinals and flushing cisterns are the following: wall-recessed WC unit with flushometer or flushing cistern with the possibility to add the floor-washing system, wall-recessed flushing cisterns and flushometers, urinals with electronic incorporated flush system and controls for urinals.  

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