Progettazione spazi igienici ad alta frequentazione di ospedali
spazi igienici per ospedali

Designing highly-frequented hygienic spaces in hospitals

Soema over 30-year design experience allows us to support our customers that would like to create highly-frequented hygienic spaces in facilities such as hotels or camp sites, schools and companies.

By combining functionality and aesthetics in our prefabricated hygienic solutions we are able to meet every need from the hygiene, safety, practicality of use and maintenance’s point of view.

These are necessary requirements if the highly-frequented hygienic spaces to design are inside hospitals.

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Soema has designed a prefabricated inspectable hygienic system with an exclusive autonomous self-standing technological system equipped with already installed plants, thus avoiding masonry. In addition, the prefabricated modular perimeter system allows to separate the spaces within the environment according to specific design needs.

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As manufacturers and suppliers of these systems, we support you during every project phase, from the consultation to the after-sale. Soema prefabricated hygienic systems aren’t standardized solutions, in fact we can customize them based on the specific needs of the space and the final users.

spazi igienici per ospedali

Soema prefabricated hygienic solutions can adapt to any type of location thanks to a wide choice of floorings, doors, hand washings, dividing walls. In addition, the internal production department is the guarantee of customized solutions for your project.

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