Tutti i vantaggi delle strutture igieniche prefabbricate di Soema
vantaggi strutture igieniche prefbbricate

All advantages of Soema prefabricated hygienic solutions

Soema has been designing and producing highly-frequented hygienic systems and locker rooms for more than 30 years becoming a reference point in the sector thanks to its products’ advanced technology and the craft skills.

Soema supports its customers from design to after-sales, providing the experience and knowledge of its technical team and the internal production department.

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Soema proposes two systems, SPIS and MOPPS, which consist of self-standing or wall-mounted systems equipped with already installed hydraulic, exhaust, electrical and ventilation systems and self-standing thermo-acoustic sandwich dividing panels to separate the areas.

Why choosing Soema prefabricated bathrooms?

Soema prefabricated hygienic solutions are complete, self-standing, long-lasting, safe, hygienic and easily inspectable.

Soema supplies them as manufacturer-supplier in the turnkey solution.

Which advantages with Soema prefabricated bathrooms?

For construction companies, it means a 60% time saving on installation.

For designers and technicians, it means to have the guarantee of a controlled production environment and cost control as well as the possibility of adapting prefabricated systems to the end users’ needs and to the place design. In fact, Soema prefabricated hygienic systems adapt to all styles of environments.

vantaggi strutture igieniche prefabbricate

Soema prefabricated hygienic systems can be an opportunity to enhance any type of highly-frequented structures such as hospitals, hotels, campsites, schools, companies, sports centers.

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