Mo.pps: sistemi modulari perimetrali prefabbricati

MOPPS: modular prefabricated perimeter systems by Soema

In the wide range of Soema products and solutions there are SPIS, hygienic prefabricated inspectable systems, and MOPPS, modular prefabricated perimeter systems.
The latter have been designed by Soema to create dividing walls or aisles in the hygienic highly-frequented spaces and locker rooms avoiding building work.

The main advantages of using these modular prefabricated perimeter systems are:

1. Flexible design;
2. Fast installation;
3. Easy and fast maintenance;
4. Durability over time;
5. Security and hygiene.

Soema MOPPS systems are delivered complete with everything and don’t need any intervention after being installed. In addition to the clear advantages of the turnkey solution, relying on the Soema systems means having a single interlocutor as producer and supplier who ensures the greatest check during the production, delivery and installation.

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Soema modular prefabricated perimeter systems can be chosen in the finish and color you want and, in addition to be functional, they can furnish every highly-frequented hygienic space or locker room.

SPIS and MOPPS are systems that can be integrated allowing to divide areas inside highly-frequented hygienic spaces or locker rooms in a simple, practical, safe and hygienic way.

Soema realizes highly-frequented hygienic spaces and locker rooms for more than 35 years. Ensuring quality and design it became over time a reference in the sector for the customers who choose it for its competence, availability and ability to always give priority to specific needs of each customer.

The Soema products’ range is wide:

Electronic faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers;
Electronic integrated systems and washbasins;
Electronic stainless steel hand washings;
Sanitation systems and Sanasystem;
Electronic WC and urinals’ flushing cisterns with antistick function;
Electronic shower controls and obligatory passages;
Cubicles, cabins and dividers.

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