Sistemi di sanificazione e SanaSystem

Soema: sanitization systems and SanaSystem

Soema designs and produces hygienic systems for highly-frequented spaces and locker rooms and recommends itself as unique contact for its customers, offering a complete service from design to realization to after-sales assistance.

Every product is the innovation’s result given by the mixture of craft and advanced technology. Our customers can count on an expert helpful team and on our characteristic internal production that allows the customer with particular needs to customize its projects, by contrast with an industrial production.

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In addition to the sanitary prefabricated inspectional systems and modular prefabricated perimeter systems, Soema produces the following products:

Furthermore, Soema creates a solution supporting the sanitization systems for community plumbing, Sana System. It works with electronic devices programmable for the hand washings’ maintenance and automatic flow and it helps to increase the actual sanitization systems’ efficiency.

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