I sistemi integrati elettronici e i piani lavabo di Soema

Soema integrated electronic systems and washbasins

Technology and craft are the key words of Soema philosophy that has been designing and creating hygienic spaces and systems for highly-frequented spaces and locker rooms for 35 years.

The qualified team both in the design and production department allowed the factory to become an important reference point in the sector, also thanks to the great innovative drive that characterizes the factory culture since always.
Soema recommends itself as unique reference and people who chooses it as partner have the advantage of an expert support in all project phases, from design to production to after-sales assistance.

The customer is at the center of every project that is always the result of a careful and active listening on the customer’s specific needs.
It’s just that the reason why Soema is the perfect solution; in fact, thanks to its internal production, it can customize the requests and find the best solution in the projects.

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The main advantages to have Soema as partner are:

  1. Support from design to realization;
  2. Assistance service;
  3. Time reduction and cost cutting.

Soema design and produces the following products:

Sanitary prefabricated inspectional systems, a turnkey solution based on the customer needs;
Modular prefabricated perimeter systems to divide hygienic spaces without walls;
Electronic faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers;
Electronic stainless steel hand washings;
Sanitization systems and SanaSystem;
Electronic WC and urinals’ flushing cisterns with antistick function;
Floorings and doors;
Electronic shower controls;
Cubicles, cabins and dividers;
Lockers and benches.

Furthermore, Soema produces electronic integrated systems and washbasins made of solid surface with acrylic base, CHPL and glass. The washbasins have different shapes and can be integrated with electronic multifunctional systems to wash hands, that include one faucet, one soap dispenser and one hand dryer.
The Soema washbasins, in addition to the integrated electronic systems, are combined with LED mirrors and illuminated icons that help the user to identify the functions.

If you’re interested in better knowing the Soema integrated electronic systems and washbasins’ technical features and use advantages, contact us and we’ll glad to support you in your project.