Pavimentazioni e porte per sistemi igienici ad alta frequentazione

Flooring and doors for high-frequented commercial bathrooms

Soema has been designing and creating for more than 35 years hygienic highly-frequented spaces and locker rooms that include hygienic prefabricated inspectable systems (SPIS) and modular prefabricated perimeter systems (MOPPS) combined with electronic photocell systems that ensure a water saving of 80%, excellent user experience and maximum hygiene and security.

We create custom projects trying to satisfy the customer requests, supporting him in all phases including the after-sales services.

The company fabricates in-house most of the products that allows us to drive projects with customized solutions and to give support in case of critical issues.

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In order to cover all necessities, Soema offers flooring and doors specifically designed for highly frequented commercial toilets:

  1. Flooring for urinals, wc, showers and washbasins: this is a special recessed flooring that completely or partially replaces the existing flooring, whose rinsing is simultaneously activated on flushing the wc or the urinals using rotating nozzles. In this way you have a good water saving.
  2. Doors: we offer different types of doors: made of glass and HPL, sliding, double-swing with single or double doors, automatic, which adapt to every style.

All other Soema products are:

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