Risparmio idrico nei sistemi igienici prefabbricati
Risparmio idrico nei sistemi igienici prefabbricati

Water saving with the prefabricated hygienic systems

Soema prefabricated hygienic systems allow to save water while still ensuring maximum hygiene and safety of the environment for users.

Water saving is very important both for the costs involved and for the attention to the impact of our actions on the environment, also those we take daily in the bathrooms.

Soema prefabricated systems consist of self-standing or wall-mounted modules equipped with already installed external exhaust, electrical and ventilation systems (SPIS) and thermo-acoustic and self-standing sandwich dividing panels that can be easily assembled (MOPPS).

The characteristics of Soema systems allow to build hygienic systems avoiding masonry thus reducing the building costs in addition to the fundamental water saving.

Risparmio idrico nei sistemi igienici prefabbricati

Soema prefabricated hygienic systems are directly supplied by the factory as manufacturer-supplier in a turnkey solution.

The systems and furniture are prefabricated and installed saving time.

Soema highly-frequented prefabricated bathrooms can be customized: those who turn to Soema have at their disposal a highly specialized technical team able to adapt the hygienic systems according to the place’s needs, both from the intended use and style point of view.

The solutions can be many and all ensure premium quality levels of functionality and design.

Soema has a more 30-year experience in designing and producing highly-frequented bathrooms and locker rooms becoming an important reference point for technicians in the sector who turn to Soema for the products quality, the solutions flexibility, the advanced technology and the craft skills of the internal production department able to respond to every critical issue even in the after-sales phase.

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 The prefabricated hygienic systems allow you to save on the management costs of a highly-frequented hygienic space ensuring the highest pleasantness and safety of use; we provide design consultation on highly-frequented hygienic spaces for hospitals, hotels, companies, campsites, schools, sports centers.

Soema secret is the constant support, from design to after-sales, of our collaborators that are a solid reference point for every need.

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