Più sicurezza e autonomia con gli ausili per disabili di Soema

More security and independence with Soema equipment for people with disabilities

Soema produces equipment for people with disabilities: ergonomic washbasins with hydraulic reclining bracket, flush-mounted shower trays made of plastic reinforced by fiberglass with drain.

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This Soema products range is designed to satisfy the specific needs of people with mobility difficulties, whether they’re old or disabled, to ensure them a greater autonomy and security in places where they can slip or fall.
The flush-mounted shower trays, with no difference in height, allow the access without the risk of losing balance and the ergonomic washbasins make the hygienic practices easier, both you’re independent and you need assistance.

These products are the result of Soema thirty-year experience in designing and creating hygienic areas and systems and locker rooms in highly-frequented places.
In addition to SPIS, hygienic prefabricated inspectable systems, and MOPPS, modular prefabricated perimeter systems, Soema produces:

• Toilets and locker rooms for camp sites
Electronic faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers
Integrated systems and washbasins
Electronic stainless steel hand washings
Sanitization systems
Electronic WC and urinals’ flushing cisterns with antistick function
Electronic shower controls and obligatory passages
Cubicles, cabins and dividing panels

All Soema products are the result of technology and craft. In fact, the factory is characterized by a highly specialized internal production department able to design solutions that respond concretely to the customer needs for a pleasant user experience that always guarantees security, hygiene and water saving.

The internal production department and the professional technicians team at customers’ disposal allow to obtain custom solutions.

One of the most important characteristics of the factory is to be the unique contact reference able to satisfy every request; those who turn to Soema are supported with competence and experience from design to final production to after-sales assistance.

If you would like to create a hygienic space for people with mobility difficulties, whether they are old or disabled, and you are looking for a reliable partner who can ensure the maximum security, ease and autonomy for hygienic practices, contact us.
We’ll listen to your needs and offer you the best solution.